Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Angling University Policies

General Class Policy and Refund Policy

We take our schools seriously. They are the best of best you can attend. In order to coordinate students, equipment and instructors and minimize problems, we stick to an exacting schedule and curriculum. In order to maintain an atmosphere where teaching and learning can be done efficiently, disruption has to be kept to a minimum. In group classes, no alteration in starting time or place will be made for any individual. Show up on time, organized and ready to be part of a team effort.

Scheduling a class involves scheduling instructors’ time and in some cases scheduling support people. Once your deposit is received, those people are reserved for you. When we accept your deposit we have formed a contract to serve you. You have signed a contract to attend. Students who do not show up for a class will not be rescheduled without a new fee. No refunds will be made after 30 days prior to the class date unless another student is signed to take your place.

Angling University reserves the right to move students to other class sections as needed.

A gratuity for the instructor is not included (apx 20%).