Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Angling University Sponsors

Angling University actively seeks out leading companies in the fly fishing manufacturer industry for our sponsorship program. We work with companies that have an established reputation of industry longevity and outstanding products so that our students may benefit from their top of the line goods. Students that come through our doors have the privilege of using St. Croix Rods , Lamson Reels, Umpqua terminal tackle, and Scientific Anglers lines. When tying flies, we prefer to use Umpqua hooks, and the latest in tool design from Dr. Slick Co. For our on stream classes, we use Costa Del Mar polarized sunglasses, and West Water's "Thingamabobber."

We would also like to acknowlege the outstanding imagery provided by Catch Magazine, and unmatched opportunities to teach others about fishing through International Sportsmen's Expo

Not only do we give these items to our students, but we fish with them too, because they have become our favorites over the years. We believe in these companies and recommend them to our students.